Inexpensive Tools for the Spiritual Seeker

Updated: Jan 29

Anyone who's embarked upon a journey of spiritual awakening knows the dizzying array of books, services and products on the market, ready to separate you from your money. How do we choose without breaking the bank?

I am thrifty... (okay, cheap) maybe due to my heritage as an American true Scot. As the old joke goes, a true Scot is one whose ancestors came from Scotland, but who was born in North America to save the ship fare.

Truth be told, the most effective tools in this journey are free. Meditation. Prayer. Yoga. Time alone in nature. Time spent gazing at the night sky. Water. Stones. Trees. Mountaintops. Conversation with wise friends who've walked the path before you. All free!

But hey... shopping's fun and we like new stuff. I've sniffed out some high-quality products that will serve any spiritual seeker well. I hope you'll check them out, and treat yourself!

1. Rose Water Face Mist, by Una Biologicals: $10.00

If you're a busy person trying to work spiritual practices into your daily schedule, you need something to quickly signal your brain that it's time to take off the "Hectic Physical World" hat and put on the "Spirit" hat. A few spritzes of this sublime, delicately scented facial mist, used only when it's time to connect, will do the trick. By using it exclusively before your spiritual practice sessions, the scent becomes linked with that frame of mind and makes for a quick, seamless transition.

Rose Water Face Mist — Una Biologicals (

2. Third Eye Soap, by Christina's Natural Qualities: $7.11

The name of this company is utterly charming, and they make wonderful soaps using only natural ingredients. Like the rosewater face mist, Third Eye Soap quickly melts away the stresses of the physical world and brings you into a space of Spirit. The first night I used it, I had an amazing dream that I still remember years later. The scent is strong, so it's not for the super sensitive. Personally, I wish I could strap it to my face and walk around all day smelling its divine aroma. But when it first arrived, my son announced, "the mailbox stinks!" To each his own... it's worth a try for only 7 bucks.

3. Seasons & Cycles Moon Calendar, by Astrocal: $18.99

If you're into the phases of the moon, this calendar is for you! The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring. The information is perfect for those who enjoy timing their spiritual work with the seasons and lunar cycle; such as releasing during the waning moon, and building during the waxing. I try to link directly to company websites, but this UK company doesn't always ship to international addresses so I'm providing their Amazon link for global access. : Seasons & Cycles MOON CALENDAR 2022 (EST) : Office Products

4. Sacred Ohm Tuning Fork, by Lisa Alexander: $50.00

Full disclosure: I am a vibrational sound therapist and Lisa Alexander is my teacher. And $50 ain't cheap! But I want to include this product in my list because it is SO effective, and worth every penny. Not all tuning forks are created equal; there are many inferior forks sold online. Lisa's are of the highest medical-grade quality, made in the USA. The Ohm fork's 136.1 Hz vibration in the ear immediately brings a calming, peaceful effect. You can also press the stem on points of the body for stress relief. This feels especially good on one's back and feet. If you can afford it, I recommend buying two. Ringing them in both ears at the same time feels amazing and is very grounding. The Ohm fork is especially useful for unwinding before sleep, and calming yourself upon entering or leaving stressful situations. Here is a video of Lisa demonstrating use of the fork, with a link in the comments section on where to purchase it.

Quick Tips for Using the Sacred Ohm Tuning Fork - YouTube

5. Lavendar Eye Pillow, by PillarBoxGifts: $10.00

Laying on your back to relax or meditate is fine and dandy, but using an eye pillow takes it to a whole other level. The light accupressure on your eye area is restorative, and can help you go deeper into meditation if that is your goal. If you work in the healing arts and serve clients who are lying down, I highly recommend providing them with an eye pillow. You can buy disposable covers or simply wrap it in fresh large tissues. I'm providing a link to Etsy because there are so many choices of handmade eye pillows, and in most cases your purchase is supporting a home business.

Etsy - Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

Buying all five of these products totals less than one hundred dollars. Now that's what I call a bargain!

I am always looking for more ideas on inexpensive products so if you have one to recommend, please reach out and let me know. Happy shopping!