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SOUND Creates Order in Dis-Ordered Sand: What Can It Do When YOU Are Feeling Dis-Ordered?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Sound waves have an effect on physical matter. This is because all matter is actually vibration... as demonstrated in the work of Albert Einstein, who said:

"What we have called matter is energy,

whose vibration has been so lowered

as to be perceptible by the senses."

Sound is also vibration. In vibrational sound therapy, the harmonious sounds created by specially calibrated tuning forks are used to have a positive effect on the matter that is your physical body. This modality also has a positive effect on your spiritual body (commonly called your "spirit" or "soul"), which is vibrating at a higher frequency than physical matter and therefore is not perceptible by the senses. When your physical body and spiritual body are in tune, the result is: Peace. Harmony. Order.

Check out this fascinating video of a popular cymatics experiment; sprinkling sand onto a metal plate, and exposing it to increasingly higher frequencies of sound. The sand granules naturally move from chaos to ordered geometrical figures, growing more complex and beautiful every time the sound frequency increases to a higher herz (cycles per second).

You may want to be mindful of your volume during this video.

When clients enter my treatment room (my Spirit Spa, as I like to call it) they often are experiencing that same disordered, chaotic state demonstrated by the sand on the plate. As I work with the tuning forks, which of course have a much more pleasant tone than the sound used in this cymatics demonstration, I can see the client's disorder transform itself into a harmonious, ordered state of sacred geometrical beauty... just like the sand. They leave feeling peaceful, renewed, and in tune.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of vibrational sound therapy.

Wishing you sound spirit, sound mind, sound body.


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