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Two Friends, Two Past Lives

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

In 2017 I visited Lisa Alexander, a vibrational sound therapist, to experience a past-life regression. I’d always wanted to try it; since childhood I’d been haunted by memories of a white house. I drew sketches of the white house, and other buildings I remembered, in my journal over a 20-year period.

As a result of the regression, I discovered details of a previous life as Mary Prince, an 18th century West Indian slave. Luckily a PhD candidate (Margot Maddison-MacFadyen, who took the following photos) was researching Prince and had published photos of her former dwellings. When I compared the photos and story of Prince to my dream journal, I was astonished at the similarities:

2008 photo of the white house Prince lived in:

2001 sketch of the white house I’d dreamt about:

My sketch notes “greenhouse or airy add-on room, open door” with arrows pointing to lower center door; which is an open breezeway where (according to her 1831 narrative Mary Prince: History of a West Indian Slave) Prince spent the night after receiving 100 lashes from her owner.

Photo of “The Long Shed” on Turk Island:

Sketch from a dream I’d titled “The Long Barn.”

From Prince’s narrative: “We slept in a long shed with narrow slips, as if for cattle.”

From my dream journal: “…with a rag-tag bunch of people, stayed in a hotel with tiny rooms like stalls, open at the top, I could hear the noises from other stalls. I was dirty, needed a change, upset a lot…. Women having sex or being raped, like in a line-up, in a grey cement-walled place like a parking garage or unfinished building.”

There are more sketches and details to share; the full story can be read here. Suffice to say, linking my dreams and memories with evidence of a real person was life-altering. I decided to learn vibrational sound therapy myself.

Inspired by my experiences, my friend Maria also visited Lisa for past-life regression. Maria had noticed the changes in me since learning The Alexander Method; most notably that my intuition had become so finely tuned, I could hear messages from the spirit realm. In February 2018 when Maria was arranging her session with Lisa, I began hearing the name Catherine and saw in my mind’s eye a woman with short dark hair wearing a 1950s-style formal dress.

Due to a snowstorm, Maria’s regression was postponed to March 13th, the same day I was to receive sound therapy from a fellow practitioner. During my session, the practitioner showed me the book Power Vs. Force and initiated a discussion about “bystander effect” and the Kitty Genovese murder case.

Meanwhile, miles away Maria was undergoing her past-life regression and saw herself as a woman walking alone who was murdered by a man who stabbed her, then left, then came back and attacked again. On the drive home from her session, a radio show mentioned the Kitty Genovese case. Maria intuitively felt the story was referring to the terrible scene she’d just witnessed, but she dismissed this as being too coincidental.

She visited me to discuss the feelings her regression was bringing up. She'd always had a fear of walking alone, and the past-life experience she'd seen seemed to relate. It was then we realized we’d both heard about the Genovese case that day. I felt a flash of recognition and said, “Catherine! Kitty is a nickname for Catherine… could you have been Kitty Genovese?”

We researched the case and discovered eerie similarities between Maria and Kitty, whose attacker had indeed left the scene after stabbing her, only to return and find her wounded before ending her life. We also found a photo that matched what I'd seen; the short dark hair, the 1950s-style dress. Another compelling fact:

Maria’s past-life regression took place on March 13, 2018.

Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese was murdered on March 13, 1964.

Kitty Genovese: 1935 - 1964

Wishing you sound spirit, sound mind, sound body.


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