About Mary

Like you, I am a child of God...

traveling this life journey as best I can.

That is my primary credential,

and one that we all share!

You are probably looking for

a bit more than that...

so here are some details "about Mary"



Mary is Director of Music


Hopewell United Methodist Church



Mary is a certified practitioner

of the 

Alexander Method® of Vibrational

Sound & Energy Therapy


Mary has worked as a professional

musician in a variety of genres,

most recently on six national tours

with acclaimed Christmas rock show

Wizards of Winter


Mary attended New York University

and Rutgers University, and holds a

B.A. in English Literature


Mary is a member of Mensa


Mary is the mother of three children and hosts the online discussion group

Metaphysical Moms

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Get to know me

10 of my favorite quotes


You cannot bring peace, unless you are peace.     Buddha