Vibrational  Sound  Therapy

Do  you  feel  out  of  tune 

When a musical instrument is out of tune, the notes it emanates are not vibrating at the desired frequency.  For example, standard tuning on a guitar is:

E - (82 Hz)

   A - (110 Hz)

   D - (147 Hz)

 G - (196 Hz

   B - (247 Hz)

   E - (300 Hz)

By adjusting the tuning keys, strings are returned to the proper frequencies and the potential for harmonious music is restored.   It's not much different for human beings: are you familiar with the feeling of discord that results from being out of tune?  Irritated, uninspired, anxious, disconnected, indecisive?


A session of vibrational sound therapy (referred to as a tuning) returns you to a state of frequency that restores your potential to live harmoniously within yourself, and with the world around you.


Vibrational sound therapy provides the deep relaxation of a massage, without physical touch.  Tuning forks are used to lower your brain waves into a deeper state of consciousness.  While your brain is quieted in this way, it is easier to access your spiritual self... your higher wisdom.

What does it feel like? 

A tuning can be described as a massage for your soul.

Clients report a joyful, relaxed feeling, like everything is right with the world and within themselves.  This feeling can last several days.  With regular tunings, that peaceful, harmonious feeling lasts months or more.  Clients who receive regular tunings report a reduction in anxiety, heightened intuition, increased interest in self-care, lucid dreams, an overall sense of peace and ease.

I practice The Alexander Method of Sound & Energy Therapy, which is board-certified

by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.  

Tunings last 60 - 90 minutes, with the client fully clothed on a massage table.


Cost per session:  $90


Location:  Hopewell, NJ

Stay in tune with a 1-year Quarterly sessions discount package:  $340

As with chiropractic or acupuncture care, best results are achieved through regular tunings.

After your tuning, enjoy some quiet time in our Meditation Garden.

(cat may or may not be included, depending on her mood when you visit)

Our location on the crest of beautiful Mount Zion is the ideal place to enjoy some solitude in nature.  Mount Zion is in the Sourland Mountains, overlooking Hopewell Valley.

It radiates a strong yet peaceful energy that will resonate with you after your tuning.


COVID-19 UPDATE:  Upon entering the building, client and practitioner will both wash hands.

During the session, practitioner will wear a mask.  Client mask is optional.

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Tunings tend to unburden clients of emotions that are personal, so I do not provide names in testimonials. 

Thank you very much for yesterday, Mary. It was really soothing and definitely helped ease my grieving... very grateful.

My entire life, my inner dialogue was constantly berating myself. And it's just not there anymore! Whatever you hit on was HUGE for me. I am so intrigued by what else I can find out on this journey. Thank you again!

Last night I slept better than I have in a long

time, and I woke up in about 90% less pain

than I've been in! 

I'm very, very grateful.

Thank you so much

for your help today.

I finally have closure

and you made it a

peaceful transition of feelings and emotion.

You are a special lady and one of God's angels.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I still feel. My chest feels so light and I feel calm. The chaos in my head is gone, and today at work I didn't feel angry or upset. I hope this feeling never goes away. 

This was my first time and

I am so grateful for you.

I am astonished this all happened. Thank you for your guidance. I can't wait to meet with you again.

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